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About the site

This site is operated by Blake Feldman in his personal capacity. Blake works at the ACLU of Mississippi as the Criminal Justice Reform Advocacy Coordinator. He created this site in 2017 because he is trying to learn ways to better use technology for his work - whether that’s by workflow automation, creating better platforms for collaboration, or finding ways to reach more people in a more impactful way. Because he's attempting to learn code in his spare time, this site is a work in progress.

It is likely that the structure and content of the site will eventually change, but a consistent purpose of the site will be to share data concerning the criminal legal system in Mississippi. Anyone who utilizes the datasets or any other resource made available by this site is encouraged to collaborate in some way - whether by suggesting aesthetic improvements or notifying the author of inaccuracies.

The list will likely grow, but for now, you can provide feedback and/or suggestions by completing this form or by opening an issue on github.

To learn more about Blake, the site provides some biographical information in both the format of a cv and a narrative.